City manager address at ground breaking

On behalf of the Mayor and the City Council I would like to thank you for taking time to join us today for this momentous occasion. The groundbreaking ceremony this afternoon marks the commencement for the Hearne Public Safety Building.

I am humbled to stand before you, as the City Council has allowed me to guide them in the process of such a difficult, but necessary endeavor. Four years ago, no one would have thought that the City of Hearne could ever come together and let alone plan, but build and finance, such a grand facility.

Not only did our elected officials unanimously approve to move forward with this building, they asked that the decision be placed in the hands of the voters. As many of you may know; this is a good way to get a project that had been worked so hard on, tabled indefinitely. Our citizens did not let us down. They saw the need for such a facility, they knew that our first responders deserved better. The Citizens of Hearne voted to allow our council to see this project through.

The Hearne Public Safety building will house fire and police personnel, the municipal court, city council chambers, and shared training, and break room facilities. The effort to combine these services may seem ambitious, but the cost savings in doing so have allowed for the design of a facility that will efficiently house the growing needs of a city on the rise.

Hearne’s future is bright. Taxable Values have increased by almost 40 million dollars and the population is trending up in a complete reversal of past trends. Valero, GATX, Panel Truss, and Magellan Mid-Steam have chosen to expand or improve on facilities in Hearne. The have three new businesses moving in over the next two years, and I would like to also make mention of the continued growth and improvements of the downtown area. Hearne’s economics development boards are aggressively working to improve infrastructure and beautify our town. Hearne, the Crossroads of Texas, will continue to be the convenient and logical choice for small business and industry.

Without the teamwork of many this project would have never been possible. The Police and Fire Departments provided valuable input to ensure the public safety building was designed to fit the needs of our city. The City Council, whom patiently weathered the storm of criticism and allayed the fears of constituents during and after the vote to approve the project, thanks to our wonderful City of Hearne staff, who saved thousands of dollars by removing the piers from under the old electrical plant location, helped to demolish existing structures, and removed and capped water and electrical lines. Our team really did their absolute best and continues to show pride in everything they do.

Thanks to Burditt Land and Place, who designed our building and will continue to help with construction management. I would also like to acknowledge Madison Construction who provided an excellent bid and have a reputation for quality.

We can’t wait to see the results. I would like to thank our church leaders, who have a one time or another stopped by my office to offer their support and prayers for this project. I would like to conclude by offering thanks to our citizens, many of which who feel the same excitement I do when speaking of the future of our city.

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