4-Year Street Plan

This is a 4-year street plan that was approved by the Type A board and our City Council. This plan will mill down and overlay our downtown streets. High-quality striping will be added after completion.

Year 1

  • Magnolia Street: 2nd Street to 5th Street

Year 2

  • Cedar Street: 2nd to Railroad
  • Magnolia Street behind Store and Sonic

Year 3

  • Fourth Street: Cedar to Highway 6
  • Fifth Street: Cedar to Highway 6

Year 4

  • Third Street: Post Oak to Highway 6

Hearne Business Development Program

The Hearne Business Development Program is designed to foster investment into the adaptive reuse and revitalization of existing buildings located along Hearne’s main travel corridors while assisting businesses with either opening or expanding their operation in Hearne.

Businesses located in what will be defined as the business corridors running along Market Street (State Highway 6), Brown Street (U.S. Highway 79), Downtown Heritage District, West Second-First Street, and Alamo Street.

This grant will assist new and existing businesses with improvements to façade, signage, and awnings. The Chamber of Commerce is currently working on possible color pallet requirements, and the Type A and B boards are ironing out the particulars so that the program can be presented to the council for approval.

Elected Officials and Staff of the City of Hearne Recognize that our downtown has the potential to become what it once was. We hope that projects like these will just be the start of the continued improvement to our city.